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Everyone responds differently to stress.  When the pressure is on, some people thrive and become incredibly productive, where others feel overwhelmed by the pressure and experience several negative symptoms. We all have our strengths and weaknesses – some people are brilliant at handling conflict at work yet may fall to pieces when family problems arise at home. Others get a thrill from adrenalin fuelled activities and whilst many would  have nightmares at the prospect of public speaking.  Whether it’s at work , home, in your personal life or social life, if stress is taking it’s toll, taking control of the situation and implementing stress reducing disciplines is the best way to avoid suffering the long term consequences of chronic stress.

However, as stress related problems such as heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity, digestive dysfunctions, anxiety and depression cause a huge strain on the NHS,  it would appear that many people take a remedial approach to stress rather than a preventative one and only tend to seek help when they are already in the grip of it.

Working with me as your Stress Management Consultant can help you in several ways.  I will support you in understanding how stress is effecting you and then help you to restore calm through the application of stress reduction techniques suitable for your type of stress.  Once you feel more relaxed and resourceful we can then take the next step towards addressing the main conflicts in your life.

The first step is to book yourself in for a Stress Management Coaching Session.  At your first appointment we will work through a Stress Inventory together and shine a light on the main causes.  Many times people underestimate just how many stressful triggers occur in their day to which they are forced to adjust.  Once you are aware of your triggers and how your mind and body responds to them (your stress response), you can learn to adapt your response and begin experiencing more calm in your life.

Be assured that you can learn how to relax and you can improve your personal and professional circumstances.


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