Whats on your Bucket List?

 What’s on your Bucket List?


No1.  Learn to play Golf


What is a Bucket List?


Have you seen the film of the same title starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman?  For those who have not,  Jack Nicholson plays Edward Cole, a feisty corporate billionaire and Morgan Freeman plays Carter Chamber, a tired working class car mechanic.  Edward and Carter’s lives become entwined when they meet on a hospital ward after both discovering the news that they have terminal cancer.  The two have little in common but their illness bonds them and they begin to plan how they intend to spend their final days.  Their wishes become a list which they call their ‘Bucket List’ – things they want to do before they ‘kick the bucket’. This film is about fun and adventure and ultimately the pair find new heights of joy through the pursuit of their goals which they may never have pursued had they not discovered their fate.

A bucket list is a list of all the goals you want to achieve, places you want to visit and experiences you want to have before you die.
But why wait till you’re on your death-bed?!
“Every man dies – Not every man really lives.” ~ William Ross


If we don’t take time out often to consider what things we would like to do with our time,  then we can so easily get swept along in the flurry of our daily activities to the point when we can’t think of anything notably memorable, exciting or interesting about the weeks that have just passed by. What a shame!  And then, when we suddenly do find ourselves with some free time on our hands, having not given it any prior thought, we can find ourselves not knowing what to do with it.  The objective of taking time out regularly to consider what we would like to do for fun if we were to discover that our time was limited, is not to instill on you any form of time pressure, but to get you to think about what is really important to you in your life and ultimately what makes you feel alive. Writing a list is a great way of reminding yourself of what’s really important to you, what will make you laugh, smile and feel good on the inside and once you know what these things are, you can be on the look out for opportunities to welcome fun activities into your life.  It would be a shame to spend all of our time doing duties or tasks which matter little to us in the grand scheme of things.  Writing a bucket list is a great way to get some clarity and focus on what you do want to do – it’s a bit like choosing a few of the highlights of your life, in advance!

Of course, everyone’s Bucket List will be completely individual to them, but here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing…


Learn a new skill or a new language; learn to dance; visit someone you don’t often get to see; play more games; learn to bake; forage for wild fruits; welcome a pet into your life; visit a beautiful city/country; see the sun rise or set on your favourite landmark; go fly fishing; carry out a random act of kindness; write a thank you letter to someone who has made a positive difference in your life; do something that really scares you; go backpacking around the UK/world; take up a new hobby; milk a cow; sheer a sheep; look into the eyes of someone you love and say ‘I love you because…’, give some of your time or money to charity; write a book; throw a party; tell someone how you really feel; stay in a five-star hotel; sleep under the stars; go on a blind date; visit your favorite restaurant; climb a mountain; learn to play a musical instrument; visit your old school; get in touch with a long-lost friend; take singing classes; go on a road trip; visit a castle; do a charity run; look in a mirror and say ‘I love you because… ‘, do a tandem dive/parachute jump; go river swimming; make up with someone you’ve fallen out with; go to a concert; take up a new sport such as Golf/Kayaking/Archery/Cycling; Teach; invent something useful; go a week without your mobile phone or laptop; read a classic novel; go to the theater; plant a tree.


And if you don’t find time this month to write your own bucket list, then think of just one thing you can do this week/month/year that will make you feel really GREAT!!  🙂

With Love and Kindness,

Sandie x

‘Ask not what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive… then go do it.  Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”  ~ Howard Thurman



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